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star Rise of Nations мултиплейър с GameRanger

on Февруари 15th 2013, 14:50
Long ago Gamespy removed the access to their online servers to game “Rise of Nations” in January 2010. However, gamers have found workarounds to use those servers. But these doesn’t work for everyone. And not all games are stable for the entire period. We don’t like disconnecting midway through the game , who does like it? So we have some alternatives. Here we will try to use GameRanger as an alternative. Actually GameRanger is more than an alternative.
  1. Download the GameRanger setup file and install it.
  2. Join an existing room or create a new room. Everyone who intends to join you in the multiplayer game must join the same room.
    Rise of Nations мултиплейър  с GameRanger GRmain
  3. You can enable some options while hosting a game like number of gamers in the room, which game, only friends or anyone can join and et al.
    Rise of Nations мултиплейър  с GameRanger Hostgameoptions
  4. Once everyone is in the same room, the host can start the game by pressing "Start".
    Rise of Nations мултиплейър  с GameRanger Gamerroom
  5. At this moment the game automatically starts for everyone and you are taken to the Multiplayer LAN tab.
  6. Here you will see an option saying "Host's game" (replace Host with the hosts username). Select that and press "Join". If you are the host then press Create and wait in the game lobby until others join.
    Rise of Nations мултиплейър  с GameRanger LANtab
  7. After you press Join, if there is no connection problems(see below for some connection problems) then you must be entered into a Game Lobby.
    Rise of Nations мултиплейър  с GameRanger RoN4
  8. Here the Host can select the different options for the game. After everyone is Ready, it is time to do what we do the best , GAME!!!

    Some common errors:
  • Majority of the times the multi-player game fails because the versions of the games do not match. There are 3 variations of Rise of Nations - Rise of Nations, Rise of Nations-Thrones and Patriots and Rise of Nations:Gold Edition. Cross version game-play is not supported. So a gold edition gamer must find a gold edition opponent only.
  • The Latency/Ping is too much. In simple words, the opponents cannot connect fast enough to play the game, hence no server is created. Common error - Connection error timed out.
  • Note : GameRanger Application will be and must be running at all times during the game. Don't worry it won't eat way your CPU.

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star Modifiying the Population Limit: A Guide

on Февруари 15th 2013, 19:42
After seeing a nice amount of topics on "How do I modify the Population Limit?" I decided it's finally time to make simple and easy instructions for modifying the population limit. So here it goes:


If you don't make a copy, you'll be unable to play Multiplayer Games, and then you'll be out of luck, especially if you're playing Vanilla RON (If you lose the original Patch 3 "rules.xml" you'll have to reinstall and repatch *bummer*)

The "rules.xml" for Thrones and Patriots (which is what I'm currently running) is located at, if you just installed without changing the default place of installation:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\data\rules.xml


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\data\rules.xml

Okay so you've found the .xml file (if you haven't found it... you've got a serious problem and should seek help). Now, open your "rules.xml" file with Word 2000. That is the only program you can edit the "rules.xml" file with. Internet Explorer only allows you to view the file, and notepad and wordpad will save the .xml as a text file. So right click on the "rules.xml" select Open With and choose Word 2000 or Microsoft Word for Windows (they're the same thing, it just appears different to which version of Windows you're running).

Once you've done that, search for: POP_CAP. (without the period of course) You should now see:

<POP_CAP entry0="25" entry1="50" entry2="75" entry3="100" entry4="125" entry5="150" entry6="175" entry7="200 pop cap"/>

You can now edit the numbers in the quotation marks to whatever you choose. This entry is used in-game to tell the RON system the amount of units each nation can create. NOTE: entry0 is your base population limit. This is the limit you always start with. ALWAYS make it the lowest, since entry1 requires Military1 research.

Now go down to MAX_POP_LIMIT (this is four down from the POP_CAP). You should now see this:

<MAX_POP_LIMIT value="300 pop cap"/>

This value MUST be changed, not just because it's the Max Population Limit, but because of the Bantu and Colossus. So, the value must be at least +100 your entry7 limit.

So if my entry7="450 pop cap"/
My max pop limit should be value="550 pop cap"/

Okay, now that you're done with that, you have one more section to change: Go to your find and search for poplimits

Once you search for that you should see:

<CATEGORIES id="poplimits" title="Population:">
<CATEGORY name="50 ">
<DATA>50 </DATA>
<CATEGORY name="75 ">
<DATA>75 </DATA>
<CATEGORY name="100">
<CATEGORY name="125">
<CATEGORY name="150">
<CATEGORY name="200">

Now, this section is as important or maybe more so than the previous section. This section details to RON the choices of population limit. I.E. when you research Military 1 you'll see the 50 that is labeled here. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, is that, YOU MUST CHANGE BOTH AND THEY MUST BE THE SAME. When you're in the Quick Battle area, selecting population size, this is the number that will show up. It is the same thing when you're in battle. This is the maximum number that is shown in the upper right hand corner. So these MUST BE CHANGED.

When you've changed what you want, you can save it and go play. Enjoy you're new population limit. If you have any questions please ask, I'm almost always roaming these forums. And please remember: SAVE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL RULES.XML.

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